Friday, May 8, 2015

Chateau Pensmore being built to last

It's hard to imagine a private residence raising as much speculation as Chateau Pensmore.
As travelers along U.S. 65 have watched the estimated 72,000-square-foot mansion rise on a mountaintop near Highlandville, curiosity has risen with it.
Owner and visionary Steven T. Huff says he's heard just about every conspiracy theory out there, including it being a fortress for the "illuminati" in case of a third world war or Armageddon, connected by underground tunnels to major cities throughout the U.S. Huff laughs at this one. "Really. Tunnels from L.A. Where would I put the dirt?" he asks pragmatically.
And while it is true Pensmore is larger than the White House (which is about 55,000 square feet) and being built in the grand style of a French Chateau, it is being built for solidly pragmatic reasons.
Huff says he had essentially three goals when he started planning the home in 2005: to create an energy-efficient home that is disaster resistant and to build a home that will last his family for generations to come.



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