Tuesday, July 8, 2014

TF Forming Systems Goes To Houston Texas

TF University 
TF Forming Systems has been in the insulated concrete wall business for more than 16 years. We are the inventors of the industry's original VERTICAL ICF, showing our drive to pioneer the industry toward better building materials and practices. 
We are consistently striving to offer innovative, revolutionary products that make building easier, faster, better and affordable for the builder and end-user. One way to achieve this is by training builders and contractors on the most effective and efficient methods for installing our systems. We carefully select our installers and spend time with them in the field to ensure both their success and ours. 
At TF, we offer TF University - a series of installation training seminars that are designed to meet the needs of the builder. We offer half and full day classes throughout the country, all year long. 
If you are interested in expanding your product offering, increasing your customer base and build more responsibly, call us today. 

"The seminar covered the subject in great detail - good job!
- Habitat for Humanity attendee 

"Thanks alot! I can't wait to find land and get a blueprint and begin building!" 
- Homeowner attendee 

"TF has an exceptional staff of employees. 
Their experience is extraordinary." 
- Contractor 

 "I always pick up a few good tips each year!"
- Contractor/Installer

About TF Concrete Forming Systems   

Founded in 1994 by Jerry Spude and Don Rudolph, TF Forming Systems is the manufacturer and distributor of VERTICAL insulated concrete forming systems (ICF): ThermoForm and a new revolutionary concrete forming system, TransForm. 

Our patented ThermoForm "plank & rail" system was originally designed to be installed horizontally, like all block ICF systems are today.  We quickly realized that there were many additional benefits to standing our components up....Vertically.

Today TF, the original vertical ICF system manufacturer, is a leader in the ICF industry with a proven track record of innovation, successful installations and superior customer service.

Our Passion: Our company thrives on three core values:
Integrity: We have a passion for honesty, even if it isn't the answer we are hoping for.
Curiosity: Since getting started with ICFs, we've never stopped looking for better ways to build, seeking different perspectives, better answers, and generating usable, practical ideas.
Commitment: It comes easy: we do what we say.

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